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Subject: [Leica] So - DMR or Nikon D700 and Leitax adapters?
From: leicar at (Aram Langhans)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 18:30:24 -0800
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However, 1, 4 and 6 will also give you troubles with exposure.  3 gives you 
a super crop, and if you have wides, they won't be so wide anymore.

I am at a crossroads and almost to an epiphany.  I got to handle a D7000 
(not 700) yesterday on a trip to Seattle and fell in love.  I have been 
wanting to upgrade my RebelXTi for a few reason.
1.  Hate the metering problem with Canon and Leica lenses.
2. Hate the viewfinder.
3. Hate the low  light performance.
4.  Want a few more pixels for cropping leeway.

And I would like to retain:
1. minimal weight
2.  crop factor, as it is an advantage for macro (effective 160 APO 2.8 
Leica glass - WOW)

So, I had been looking at the Canon 7D as it appeared to be the next game in 
town because the Nikon D300 was a bit too heavy for me.  However, I love the 
pictures it takes as my father-in-law has one.

Then Nikon announces the D7000.  Scarcer than hen's teeth in Yakima.  I 
finally got to hold one.  I like the 7D's ergonomics and viewfinder a bit 
better, but other than that, I think the D7000 will fit the bill quite well. 
I had ordered a cheap Leitax imitation just to see what it would do, and it 
came today (drats).  So, I did not have any manual glass to try on the D7000 
yesterday.  I converted my 50/2.0 this AM and also had ordered a Nikon to 
Canon EOS adapter, so today I shot my Leica glass, converted to Nikon, and 
adapted to my Canon EOS Rebel.  I am half the way there.  Want to just 
confirm that the exposure problem with Canon does not exist on a Nikon, then 
I think I will take the plunge.  And thinking of converting my Rebel to IR, 
and then with adapters, I can use my Leica glass on both cameras.  Slick 
compromise, if I do say so myself.

So, after a year of thought I think skipping #1, 4 and 6 is the way to go. 
For the reasons above, I am not looking at a DMR, even thought I have an R8. 
My only regret is that if I convert  all my Leica glass to Nikon, I will not 
be able to use my R8 at all.


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> #1, 3, 4, 6  take Leica lenses with a cheap adaptor and no surgery.
> Hope this helps
> Ph
> Le 17 nov. 10 ? 16:50, <vick.ko at> <vick.ko at> 
> a
> ?crit :
>> I know Tina Manley got a new DRM recently.  Is it going well, with
>> the DMR?
>> There is a DMR on the 'bay for sale, in Canada, and GAS urges are
>> erupting again.
>> But, is it better to get a Nikon D700 and a bag of Leitax adapters,
>> than an R9 and DMR, in terms of image and file quality?  The crop
>> factor doesn't bother me that much.  And I do own two Leica lenses
>> that will be incompatible with the Nikon.
>> But I perceive that the D700 will have better longevity than the
>> DMR.  Is that a false perception?
>> ....Vick