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Subject: [Leica] My Mojo...
From: wtorry at (Wayne Torry)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 17:39:34 +0000

... feels better already. Thanks everyone for the kinds words.
George, thanks for the plug and the link!

As for my creative juices needing a jump start, I think I may have a clue to 
remedy that situation.
I have been using the heck out of the DigiWonderBeast lately. Filling up 
memory cards left and right. going faster and faster and getting nowhere. 10 
frames per second is NOT my style.
I also have 8-10 rolls of Kodachrome resting in my freezer. Most of it 
purchased here at the LUG. As we all know, said Kodachrome will turn into a 
pumpkin on December 31, 2010. I may also have 8 or 10 35mm film bodies 
collecting  dust as I type.
So. It occurs to me that I should load each and every film camera with a 
roll of Kodachrome film. Expose it all in the next 2 months. Send it off to 
Dwayne's before the deadline.
I can then spend most of January scanning the 35mm slides. That should keep 
me out of trouble and away from the DigiWonderBeast.
I think I feel my Mojo stirring.
The LUG is a great jump starter device.

ps: I spent last weekend in San Antonio. I stumbled upon enough material for 
several Weird Wednesdays. Stay tuned.

pps: George, those aren't machine parts in the B&W photo posted last week. 
They are links used in rigging. If I can find an example of links in use 
I'll post it here.

We have more bugs back now.

Chris Williams

Wonderful WW catch Wayne.

(And thank you for reminding me - i'd totally forgot about WW)


George Lottermoser

george at

Works for me!



Nathan Wajsman

Alicante, Spain