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Subject: [Leica] D700
From: leicar at (Aram Langhans)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 09:08:37 -0700
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Thanks for looking up some of my stuff.  Nope, not a M user, but an R4/8 
user up until three years ago.  Now a Canon Rebel/Leica glass shooter.  So, 
there is Leica content there most of the time, though I do have a few auto 
everything lenses that I use when I think focusing will be an issue.
I like the shot you posted, even with the perspective issue (for some). 
Short of a long cherry picker, (or a view camera)  that's what you get. 
Looks like the low light performance is very good.  Should really expand 
your photography.  I am seriously looking at the D7000 (not 700 - can't 
afford that one) and Laitexing my Leica R glass as an option to get away 
from the Canon idiosyncrasy of metering with R glass.


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> Subject: Re: [Leica] D700
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> I've got my new camera. Its a D700. I'll stop beating you over the head 
> with
> it and go back to reading the manual and the magic lantern book. I get to 
> go
> full frame now and make a difference.
> I do go way back with M's shooting thousands of rolls for 17 years. And 
> also
> LTM in the latter years. I've not forgotten what rangefinder shooting is 
> all
> about.
> But to that have to say that a DSLR is not just an SLR with a D in front 
> of
> it; taking CMOS instead of film. It seems to be a bit more involved than
> that. More capable. And its hard to put a real finger on what it is.
> It has a Je ne sais pas quotient
> The secret way to pass French in high school.
> I did look up your shots Aram and couldn't find one taken with an M.  you
> seem to be a die hard SLR shooter! Some nice shots I thought! All film!
> --------------------
> Mark William Rabiner
> Photography
> mark at
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