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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Visoflexing
From: shino at (Rei Shinozuka)
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 21:38:21 -0400

  George Lottermoser recently put up the nicest Viso picture I'd ever 
seen.  Given that the M9 was in the hospital with a bad pixel, I thought 
I'd try my hand at the Viso thing with the M8.   I've accumulated  a big 
box of Viso gear in my closet, starting with a 280 Telyt-V and a Viso 
III I bought from Emanuel Lowi  back in 2002.

I'm not a bug guy or a macro guy, so here's my first "nature image."  
It's not Muffin's prettiest portrait, but it's much closer than I can 
get with my M lenses.  And not a bad wide-open 1/60th second image  for 
a 49-year-old lens:

280 Telyt-V + Televit + Visoflex III + M8

Since Visoflexes are pretty arcane these days, here's what the Viso 
setup itself looks like:

NOTE: My Viso needed a little tweaking, on the M8 it was definitely 
showing  close on the film/sensor plane compared to the ground glass 
image.  I did some googling, and discovered that the Visoflex has shims 
under the ground glass carrier which can be used to correct the ground 
glass to the sensor.  In my case, I had to add one thick and one thin 
shim, which I had handy from a junk box of Viso parts:

I might try the viso out on my daughters on the soccer field this 
weekend. While I doubt I'll be able to get good action shots,  maybe 
I'll come home with something nice. Besides a sore arm--that stuff is heavy!


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