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Subject: [Leica] LUG Digest, Vol 46, Issue 83
From: bs.pearce at (Bill Pearce)
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 13:55:50 -0500
References: <>

The biggest missed opportunity in getting the U.S. to adopt the metric
system was 
Oh, crap, is this stuff starting again? Why, oh why, when money is tight,
should our government have to expend bazillions of dollars on this fools
errand? What is to be gained? Doesn't what we have work just fine now? So
others  use another system, what's that to me? I never saw the reason to be
like everyone else.

There is another potential opportunity right now. Gasoline should be sold by
the liter rather than by the gallon. A $4 price for gas sounds like highway
robbery. A $1 price per liter sounds almost reasonable. That's much cheaper
than a Starbuck's Grande coffee.
This sounds like  something you can market to politicians. Good luck!

By the way, anyone who does any mechanical work on automobiles already has
to have a full set of metric tools.
Sure, they have either one or both, depending on what they work. Simple. I
don't think anyone is going to bring about a program to get me a MF digital
system so I can increase my business.

I'm reminded of what my father, an aeronautical engineer responsible of
design elements in several major airplanes said on the subject. He was used
to working in inches and thousandths. "I don't want to lose accuracy!"

Bill Pearce

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