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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Cat and Flower
From: kanner at (Herbert Kanner)
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 19:20:31 -0700

These pictures were taken with a Nixon Coolpix S610 ($4--One M9 = 35 
610s) which I bought to help decide whether Lightroom was a good 
substitute for Darkroom before investing in the M9.

The cat is a tonkinese which breed was produced by crossing burmese 
with siamese. That the cat nuts consider this to be truly a breed is 
surprising; if you mate two of them, statistically you get 25% 
burmese, 25% siamese, and 50% tonkinese, just as Mendel would have 
predicted. I'm sure I can submet better pictures of him in the future.

The flower was just taken on a walk from home, and I just lucked out 
with it. There was a little Lightroom dodging to suppress the wheels 
of a car parked across the street from it, but that's ok--I'm not a 

As before, comments and brickbats welcome.


Herbert Kanner
kanner at

Do not meddle in the affairs of cats,
for they are subtle and will pee
on your computer!

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