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Subject: [Leica] OT: i7 laptop questions
From: red735i at (red735i at
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 00:44:47 -0400 (EDT)

First question... why do you wish to upgrade your existing and working 
machine?  What do you feel is insufficient in its present performance that 
would make you wish to upgrade?

What OS do you wish your new machine to use?  is this a Mac or a PC OS?

Someone responded that the faster the processor, the more power used and the 
lower the battery life.. that is sage info.....

But that is not the whole story.....

And to make things worse, your PC maker may have put in some BIOS that the 
more powerful processor may be able to access.....and the lower performance 
processor is not able to access or use.....

#1 rule of thumb.... within a single manufacturer's lineup, you can compare 
battery life pretty fairly... but comparing HP to Dell to someone else?  
best you get a cystal ball.... it is more relaible.....

Have you checked out or similar for comparisons?  At least they 
would have done some real comparisons..... uisng the same criteria of 
testing.... instead or heresay or marketing BS.....


>I'm in the market for a new laptop to replace my 7 year old IBM Thinkpad 
>(Pentium 4 Mobile at 2GHz, XP Pro). Still running well, BTW.
>Looking at 13 inch laptops, my preferred size, with i5 processors I note 
>that some manufacturers offer an upgrade to an i7 for about the 
>cost of a Leica lens hood. This is very tempting but I am concerned about 
>the reduction in battery life when using the more powerful chip.
>Can any list members shed some light on the CPU power vs. battery run-time 
>trade offs involved? I have of course, asked the manufacturers' tech 
>support but never could get a satisfactory answer.