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Subject: [Leica] Re. Canon f1.2 50mm
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 04:30:42 -0400

> Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>> Mark, [...] the question Lluis asked was whether someone with an M9 had
>>> comments on the
>>> performance of old lenses on it. [...]
>>> Nathan
>> Old lenses on an M8!?!? I'm all for it! Why not?
>> Oh no crop  being a problem?
>> It will be just as much a problem as it was with film I'd think.
>> You want super sharp  outer edges don't use such an old lens!
> Have you tried this out Mark?
> Or is the proof of the pudding in the talking?
> Curious minds want to know, from hands-on experience I guess.
> Amiti?s
> Phx
What's on  your mind Philippe? What's the problem? What problems would you
anticipate using an older lens with a sensor instead of film the outer
edges? I think people have been shooting with all kinds of glass from past
decades on the nikon full frames for over two years  now there are no
mysterious exciting  issues about the edges or anything else would the
Leicas be different?
With older glass you get an older look. Just like you would with older glass
on film. Obviously the exceptions would be non retrofocal wides. And threes
bound to be one or two lenes which protrude too far back or something like
that but other than the obvious that what?

Mark William Rabiner

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