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Subject: [Leica] [Fwd: Leica Newsletter -- 05 October 2009]
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 04:03:50 -0400

> In the UK the M9 list price is less than the Nikon D3x and Canon EOS
> 1Ds mk3. These two have many extra features but for my use the M9 is
> just what I wanted :-)
> The Nikon and Canon have been discounted down to a similar price to
> the M9 recently though the prices seem to be quite volatile, probably
> due to a considerable fluctuation in exchange rate and demand in these
> difficult times (for everyone except the banks that caused it). It is
> not long since the Canon dropped by over ?1000! The lens prices are
> all over the place here too.
> Compared to the rest of the market the M9 is the best value Leica in
> years. I spoke to a dealer in Singapore last week who had been amazed
> by the demand and was expecting a significant price rise...
> Frank

The M9 is a tremendous value to me as I am heavily invested in Leica glass
much more so than Nikon especially in terms of they have doubled in value
with the Nikon glass having halved or quartered.  I have a very complete set
of current Leica glass which took me a decade to amass. At roughly one a
year. Sitting there as I use my Nikon DSLRS with half assed glass. Ok not
bad glass. Even occasion inspired glass like my 12-24 which will do me no
good on my full frame camera that I'd care about.

I really don't now though if its realistic of me to be able to raise 7 grand
for the Leica. They sure wont give me 7 grand for my nikon glass for it. But
the reverse might be possible. If that turns out to be a harsh reality I
will get a D3x AND a D3. AND a 14-24 zoom AND a 17-24 zoom.
And some black tape to tape over the Nikon logos. Buy some stick on red
dots. And Zoom myself into non Leica oblivion. But with my pictures doing so
well I'll be able to get into Leica.

My perspective is important its hard not to think at 59 I'm almost dead.
Of course when I'm 69 and then 79 I'll look back at these days as youthful
beginnings. As I edit down my holograms.

Mark William Rabiner

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