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Subject: [Leica] [Fwd: Leica Newsletter -- 05 October 2009]
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 02:34:32 -0400

Paul Winkfield at the last Leica gallery opening was telling me on how a
Ferrari used to cost 2 grand and we were talking about when a VW broke the
one grand barrier and how money had changed.

The M9 is just out and it cost 7 grand.
People need to process that.
They need to plant more money trees and feed them with high tech fertilizer
to they produce crispy green ones and lots of them in record time.

7 grand sounds like you are buying a car not a camrea.
How many people can deal with walking down the street with 7 grand hanging
round there neck and picking it up and clicking it.
Won't it be noticeable? Do they need to hire someone to ride shotgun?

I see less people buying camera on whims. But having to make a saving plan
first. A visit to their banker. Sell of some of those Chevy Nova's parked on
front lawn for scrap.

Mark William Rabiner

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