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Subject: [Leica] Hood 12504, 35 Lux, UV/IR Filter, M8
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 22:38:20 -0700

OK, another problem solved......

The 35 pre-ASPH Lux requires the use of hood 12504.  That means Series 7
Filters, inside the hood.  If you want to use this on a M8 with the UV/IR
Filter, it means a filter that costs upwards of $170. If you can get one...
as they are also for the 24 or 21 ( I forget which) Lux.  AS far as I can
find, there is no B+W nor Heliopan option.  Leica only.

So if you are a bit cheap, and have a E49 filter.... drop that puppy in the
hood ( backwards with the threads facing out) and continue on with life.....

Bob's your uncle.

Coding?  Yes, the mount seems like a diabolical joke to remove for sending
to Milich... so code it with a felt that is really cheap.

Just another data point for M8 users that want to use a UV/IR filter.

Isn't trailing technology great?

BTW, no, I am not sure that the filter works correctly backwards.... but
it's all I got.

Frank Filippone
red735i at

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