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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Visa pour l'Image 2009
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 10:49:36 -0700
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Nathan showed:
Subject: [Leica] IMG: Visa pour l'Image 2009
>I have finally had time to finish editing my pictures from last
> weekend's trip to Perpignan. A very pleasant weekend, spent in good
> company, eating and drinking well, and looking at some very impressive
> photography. In the sprit of the photojournalism traditions that are
> in the air in Perpignan, most of these are B&W people pictures.
> ><<<<

LOOK & LEARN PEOPLE! ..............................................
Peruse these photos carefully and you'll see what I mean!! When I say:
LIGHT - EYES - ACTION -- CLICK! Or a combination of these!

And you may well learn something about taking pictures, composition, depth 
of field as in making a near or wide open aperture work for you.  Without 
question, picking the perfect focus point to make a subject jump off the 
page! Drop out backgrounds!

Nathan it's a great collection of observed moments! Frame after frame the 
main subject of the focus point is right on the mark!
And because of this the subject pops off the screen onto your lap!

The hand gestures, the eyes listening as the ears hear! So many shot 
unobtrusively taken within a few meters of the subject! This is what the M 
cameras are all about!

I imagine some twit with a humongous Canon or Nikon DSLR with a 50mm - 300mm 
elephant trunk zoom lens would come back with... "Hell I can do that with my 
"cannon" and the subject wouldn't know either!" Yeah right... but can you do 
it from 2 meters away?

Where does one start to pick favourites?
A few:
Couple, she with glass up. they're enjoyng the thought. Look at the eyes and 
Hand & cigarette
Lady expression and hand....***** Absolutely the moment!
2 men with book.... look at the hand gesture, simple but that makes it work!
Lady both hands on face... Look at her "EYES" Intensity of listening. 
Magical! *****
Man, hat, finger to had and the EYES! ***** Oh jeeesh to have shot that one 
"Chance encounter!" beautiful separation from backgrd.  Her eyes!
Father & child walking in the evening!
Photo gallery solid composition.

And without question? :-) Motor bike, man and dog waiting out side row of 
toilets! ***** Well done mon ami, Good on you!

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