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Subject: [Leica] Peso: It's that time of year? with link this time
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 18:22:58 -0400

> As a D200 user, I was just about to give it a chance to become famous
> through eBay & be owned by a third set of hands, when I saw the above.
> Besides hankering after full frame, noise is one of the reasons for a
> change. What's the name of the software you recommend?
> I'm tempted to move to a D700 for my everyday digital as I could still use
> my existing Nikon glass, but would like some second opinions on that. I 
> find
> I'm not using my F5 that I bought the glasss for much at all, but use the
> D200 instead. For 35mm street, I'll use the Leica M3 until an affordable M9
> comes along, as it's quite wonderful to handle. I'll want to hear how the 
> M9
> performs and its issues before I move to get one, so a D700 appears to be
> the obvious current interim full frame option that would cover general
> photography. What do people think?

I'd expect the use of the D700 going full frame to be a revelation.
And will be easier to talk about on the LUG; less of a sore point after 9:99
O'clock on the 9th.
My 105 2.5 I have no desire to use cropped I'd expect to get much use of
with a 1x crop circle factor.
My 14 2.8 will be another revelation I'm sure.
No way would a buy another 1.5 crop DSLR which was not the same size or
smaller than a Leica Barnack. If not 0.6666666666666667x  smaller.

But the dilemma is this for me.
The D700 has been out a full year.
I have an interesting if not respectable if not full set of Nikon glass.
I have a full set of Leica glass.
The Nikon is going for  $2,699.99
The Leica is going for 2 three times that.
So raising that would be how much harder than raising the smaller amount?
I hear Macys needs a new Santa in the basement I'm going to get some hair
dye and a beard and a red suit and audition for the job.
Ho ho ho.
Click click.

Mark William Rabiner

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