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Subject: [Leica] IMG Old scan Salzburg 66
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 09:29:45 -0400


Great photograph that has a special quality. What makes it for me, I
think,  is a slight angularity which makes it dynamic. It almost seems
like the guy wearing black is moving. He's tilted about the same as the
pole in the upper right. Those two elements at the same angle complement
each other. They guy in black's perceived motion contrasts with the
passively sitting woman. The distance in the upper part of the photo
makes the lower part seem closer and more intimate. I'm drawn in more
than if the upper part had been cropped out. The mind can only imagine
what's the two -- I assume they're together -- are talking about, if
indeed they're even talking. There are lots of elements of contrast --
near and far, one person wearing black and the other white, one person
standing and in motion, the other passive and sitting. Throw in some
Gestalt and I even think one person is talking and one person is
listening. All those elements working together are what make it a
special image. 

I was completely drawn in until I finally got distracted because I
looked at the trash can in the lower left and tried to determine your
level of sharpening; and was at the same time wowed by the corner
resolution of a '60s era Summicron, even with grainy ole' Tri-X. ;-)

Dave R

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Subject: [Leica] IMG Old scan Salzburg 66

Taken on a visit to Salzburg, December 1966:

Leica IIIg, 50 Summicron, Tri-X


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