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Subject: [Leica] Sony P Series Lifestyle
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 02:01:50 -0400

We were talking at length on the lug a few weeks back on mini laptops.
I just get my summer B&H catalog and on page 137 is this.
A mini Sony laptop made for your Sony full frame DSLR-A900.
Its bigger than the camera but not by much. With a little wire which
connects the two.
It's the size of a business envelope. Thickness of a cellphone.
It tells your camera what to do. Shows your stuff on it with a high rez 1600
x 768 led backlit 8 inc ultra wide display for razor sharp image in
brilliant detail.
And you can type War and Piece into it while waiting for your bus.
And has GPS. Plus washes your car at night while you sleep.
But its windows.
And yours truly does floors but not windows.

Apple needs to get together with Leica, Nikon, Canon.
And come out with a mini laptop with a red dot on it.
Or the Nikon, Canon "look".

every camera needs its own laptop made just for it.
We all want to be tethered we just are embarrassed to admit it.

Hear that Leica?
When you finally in the year 2525 come out with the S2 have it have its very
own laptop to help control it and view its output tethered?
I sure hope so!

I'm happy just as long as I'm staring at a back lit screen which I can hold
in my hand.

Mark William Rabiner

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