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Subject: [Leica] The many temptations of a chef
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 13:12:31 -0400

I'm very fond of the shot the busyness is the main point of the shot;
Less busy; Less shot.
And it this higher resolution on the screen I can almost start to really
appreatate the amazingness of the 35mm Summicron ASPH. An astounding ground
breaking optic.
Would love to see this shot printed 17x22".
A bit high key for me this rendition you might want to see if the shot reads
more satisfyingly with a slightly more richer tonality. Darker. Nice blacks
The Summicron name to me and lots of people is the main Leica brand and what
Leica is all about. But we usually have a Summilux 1.4 option.
A Summicron being a Summicron; and a Summilux being a Summilux.
Personally I find f1.4 to be an SLR thing and f 2 to be very much a
rangefinder thing.
In the case of the 35 you can't even tell the lenses apart till you see the
labels. Same filter size; same shape almost the same weight. The 1.4 just
cost another grand. USD.
This looks like a 5.6 shot to me though.
And its not as if f1.4 helps you see through the viewfinder better and snap
the image on the groundless more reassuringly. No groundglass. Leica m.

Cosina Voigtl?nder optics are inspired and enviable alternates for a Leica
camera. But there is a reason why they are 2 or 3 price points below that of
Leica. Glass choices, tolerances. Quality control. They are just not Leica
glass. For someone who cant swing thousands of dollars to buy a new lens its
the only option. But if I did have the money I'd go for the Leica every
time. Go for the best glass every time. Leica coincidently is probably the
best glass ever made bar none and we get to put it on your cameras. If we
have the money.

Coincidently I'm very fond of using a lens made by Cosina a chrome 45mm 2.8
P for pancake on my D40x.

And I have my eye on getting both the 12 and 15 for my Leica system;
But as of late have been preferring to get LTM (screw mount) Leica glass so
as to be able to use them on both my Leica systems my main one being my IIIF

The 21 I could see getting for its compactness as I leave my 21 home for
many an excursion for that reason.

Mark William Rabiner

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