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Subject: [Leica] REVISED Items FS 31 OCT 2008
From: marcsmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Fri Oct 31 11:10:23 2008

Shipping charges extra
10-day MBG from receipt
All prices subject to neogiation -- pray, make an offer!

Leica Items:

Reflex Housing, post 1940, with the detachable 5X 
and 30X magnifier.  Technically, this unit is a 
POOXT and consists of a PROON reflex housing and 
a POOIM magnifier.  Now, that gets the formalities out of the way!

The unit I have available is s/n 4303.  I 
compared it to my other two PLOOT housings, s/n 
2695 and 5660. 4303 is in what I would describe 
as E- condition.  Here are the noted defects:

-- the rubber eyecup is dried and has a crack
--  the paint is worn
--  the mirror is degraded and needs 
resurfaced.  This is a first-surface mirror.  The glass is in good shape.
--  the button to raise the mirror is jammed.  I 
have NOT tried to force it up nor have I used oil 
on it.  The housing for the mutton seems to be canted inwards.
--  the rubber ring at the top of the focusing 
unit is cracked and is missing a bit of rubber.

The unit is complete and entire, though it does 
not include the release cable, and, other than 
the mirror, optically fine.  It does need  good cleaning

$US 75.00

is now out of print.  I have the last small horde 
of this work.  .  The book remains available for 
reprint but this seems unlikely.  This work was 
written in the early 1990's and is no longer the 
final word, as we have had a lot of research, 
especially on Soviet/Post-Soviet lenses.  But it 
is still the only work of its kind and is the 
single source for the state of our knowledge as 
of the date of its publication.  (SOMEDAY, I'll 
do a Second Edition, but only if some of you guys 
stop discovering new matters I ought to include!)

These books are new stock.  They will be 
autographed and will include an interim Errata et Corrigenda sheet.

The price is $US35 for those in the US and Canada 
and $US 40 to those in the rest of the universe, 
and, yes, I've already sold several copies to 
those three-legged guys on Mars.  <he grins>

I also have a couple of copies of the Japanese 
translation.  These are rare and quite difficult 
to find.  $125.00 to those in the US.

I am the American agent for Erwin Puts' estimable 
CD-Rom of Leica documents.  The original 
production run is long sold out, but I can supply 
burned copies in a jewel case for $US 15, with 
postage of $5.00 to the US, $10.00 to Canada, and 
at actual cost elsewhere in the Americas.

This CD-ROM includes 170 Leitz documents, 
covering the Leica models from 1925 to 1965, both threadmount and for the
M1,2, & 3, with accessories.  The documents are 
in Adobe Acrobat format, and can be printed out 
as needed.  The documents come from the Leica 
archives and are reproduced by permission.  (The 
Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at no charge on the 'Net.)

This is an invaluable tool for those interested in Leica history.
Pricelists, instruction books, and marketing information are included.  The
swathe of history included is immense;  the technical information is

4.5/12cm E Leitz Micro Summar, clean glass, worn body,
         with unknown adapter, E                                         

Zeiss and Zeiss-Ikon Items:
4.5/4.5cm Carl Zeiss Jena Mikrotar 227936, does not
properly                                                          150.00

Darkroom Items
Schneider 4/50 Componon enlarging lens 9074658, 
E                                60.00
Schneider 5.6/80 Componon enlarging lens 
11840738, M39 adapter, E                    60.00

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!