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Subject: [Leica] Konica Hexar RF
From: mads.christensen at (Mads Christensen)
Date: Thu Oct 9 15:24:34 2008

I have two, the first is a LE with the 1.2/50 lens that I bought in
Copenhagen, tax free en route to Baghdad in June 2005. The second one is a
black one that I bought on the *bay, sometime in 2006. 


As regards lenses, I have the Hexanons 21-35, 2.8/2.8, 2/35, 2/35 UC and the
2.8/90 - also from the bay. Incidentally I bought a third body that came
with the Hexanon 2/50 but I passed that combo on to a very good friend and
photographer in Tbilisi, Georgia for a steal. Unfortunately I am afraid that
he is happier with his Canon 5D so I am thinking of buying it back to get
the gorgeous 50mm and a source of spare parts.


Wonderful stuff all of it.




p.s. My black Hex RF is at my 'blacksmith' who inserted a square piece of
orange glass in the viewfinder window but I was not quite satisfied with the
vertical alignment that he left me with so I have asked him to make a second


p.p.s. I got a black Classic Hexar AF - wonderful camera too. 

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