Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2008/09/12

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Subject: [Leica] Friday Sale
From: mstoesz at (Mike Stoesz)
Date: Fri Sep 12 21:23:00 2008

Some newly listed items this time, along with some old war horses left over 
from the frontier era in Wyoming.

Rollei 2.8 F, Planar, red leather, slightly distorted WLF, clean glass.  

Graflex XLRF body w/graflok back, $100.00

Goertz Dagor 7 1/8 inch. coating marks, scratches, bargain    $200 OBO (I 
need Canon EOS lenses)

Mamiya RB-67 body, 220 Pro-S back, 180mm f/4.5 lens, prism finder   $450.00

Mamiyaflex (early) body            $100.00
Mamiyaflex 180mm f/4.5 lens        $100.00
Olympus OM 2 black body, missing ST lever.   $150.00 OBO
Olympus Pen EED (scarce), inop. shutter, probably electronic,  $200.00 (KEH 
Olympus Pen S,  30mm f/2.8                    $125.00
Olympus 35 DC, 40mm f/1.7 lens,               $100.00

Canon Collectables/Usuables
Canon LTM lenses can be used on Leica M's with an adapter.  This may include 
on your M-8.
     Canon 50mm f/1.4, great lens, great glass.        $300.00
     Canon 100mm f/4, chrome Serenar, like a 90 elmar  $100.00
     Canon 100mm f/3.5 black, great small 100.         $135.00
     Canon 135mm f/3.5 black, underrated tele          $135.00
Canon III body                                         $200.00
Canon V-t body                                         $250.00
Canon VI-L body, may be Canon's finest RF              $450.00
Canon P body                                           $300.00

Minolta Maxxum SPSI body                                      $ 75.00
Minolta Maxxum 24-85                                          $ 50.00
Minolta Maxxum 28-80                                          $ 50.00
Minolta Maxxum 70-210 f/4 zoom, the good one                  $250.00
Minolta Maxxum 100-300 zoom                                   $100.00
Minolta Maxxum 50mm f/2.8 macro                               $200.00
     These Minolta Maxxum "A" mount lenses can be used on Minolta, 
Konica-Minolta and Sony
          Digital SLR cameras.

Railroad Fireman's and Engineer's training manual for steam locomotives, 
1941.  $100.00

Please email me off-list.