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Subject: [Leica] [IMG] PAW 6 -9
From: pdzwig at (Peter Dzwig)
Date: Sat May 31 15:54:36 2008


As promised more photos from earlier this year.

PAW 6 - Meadow

sort of speaks for itself! Local scenerry in the Surrey Hills Area of 
Outstanding Natural Beauty - the official designation for this part of the 
country. About twenty miles East to West and five to seven deep, very 
lots of valleys, comparatively little "heavy" agriculture, some bits very 
remote, sufficient to hide smugglers in the 18th and 19th centuries, yet 
only 20 
miles from London at its closest.

PAW 7 - Rodchenko (by Dzwig!)

The Hayward Gallery had an exhibition of Rodchenko's wortk earlier this year 
naturally I went along. After all he did use Leicas. Unfortunately I found 
of the non-photographic side didn't live up to what I had been expecting. 
photographs were mostly stunning in a Structuralist - Soviet Realist sort of 
and a very interesting image of their time. I would have liked to have seen 
than were exhibited.

This was the exhibition poster. Most of you will recognise the picture, (if 
don't, then let me know and I will post a shot of one that wasn't crumpled) 
in this form I thought that he probably would have approved.

PAW 8 Garden

Then the Snow came!

PAW 9 - Sheep

Then fog:

This is probably my favourite of this disparate group. I like the low light, 
the shape of the trees and the looming sheep. Yes, it is dark. I like it 
that ;-.

Hoping that someone approves of one or two of these.

More coming soon.

Your comments and constructive criticisms are as always welcome,

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Peter Dzwig

PS Ignore the dates on them... they have little to do with anything!

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