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Subject: [Leica] RE: Raw exposure for dynamic range, HDR and now WB
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Mon May 19 17:51:20 2008

> Ken, I find it hard to tell with much precision what is going on, via the
> M8
> camera histogram display anyway. Maybe other cameras are easier to
> interpret. I also don't know how the jpg settings of the camera affect the
> camera preview histogram.

        My Canons show the histogram for each RGB channel.  Green appears to
be the most sensitive for clipping.  So, I just made a custom WB so that the
camera histogram (JPG) pretty much matched the raw histogram in ACR.  It may
be more trouble than it is worth, since, with Canons at least, you need to
load the WB image on each card.

> As for those Benedictine nuns and on-camera flash, don't you dare!

        Sorry, it has gone too far.  The church has lots of glass and as
much light as you would want.  The reception hall is the issue.  I bought a
couple of the Gary Fong Lightspheres and a Quantum Turbo battery for the
flash.  It's not as bad as you would think.  Once I learned (thx to my
colleague Bob Baron) that you ditch all the auto settings and do all the
flash and camera settings manually, things worked pretty well.  You can get
a nice, soft even light with no shadows, raccoon eyes etc.  Rule One is
don't stop down.  If you stop down, two things happen.  One is that the
flash needs more light.  Secondly, the lens gets sharper.  The result is
that blemishes, veins, etc. appear that may endanger the photographer's


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