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Subject: [Leica] Steve's Book
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Wed May 14 17:45:34 2008
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On May 13, 2008, at 10:00 PM, Peter Klein wrote:
> I received Steve's book, "I Never Wanted To Be Famous" a few weeks  
> ago.  What with work and my recent newspaper writing, I didn't  
> really have any time to think of anything to say that hasn't been  
> said already.  But now I must at least put in my two cents.  So I'll  
> just say that it's a beautiful--and heartrending--piece of work.
> We went for a walk right after Katya had looked through the book.   
> While we were walking, she said to me:  "You know, you can really  
> tell that he's a special doctor.  Look at how those children look at  
> him.  They don't make many doctors like that any more."
> I should also say that as I looked at Steve's book, the photographer- 
> me faded into the background, and it was just the human-being-me who  
> was observing. You know how it is when you practice an art form  
> yourself--it's often very hard to suspend your critical facility.
> I had that same sense with Steve's book--that the kids, and Steve,  
> were speaking directly to me.  Through Steve, the kids were being  
> their own witnesses.  Yes, good compositions and well-caught moments  
> contribute to the effect, as does look of the B&W film, the  
> Noctilux' selective focus and bokeh, blah blah blah.  But that's the  
> medium. The message is that these kids are saying to us:  "I was  
> here.  I got very sick and my doctors and nurses helped me. My  
> family loved me. And it all mattered very much."
> That message comes through loud and clear.  Thank you, Steve.

you're welcome...     and thank you.

funny thing Peter, each time I go through the book I like it more, not  
to be taken lightly... I feel it communicates something special...

More, I have found that children like it, and I'm not sure why...

Most important, my wife Dominique, who can be a most severe critic,  
loves it...she holds it so gently, with a reverance I have never  
before seen...


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