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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Peter can levitate, too
From: richard-lists at (Richard Man)
Date: Sun Apr 13 01:21:55 2008
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At 12:42 AM 4/13/2008, Peter Klein wrote:
>Just so you know that Cassidy isn't the only one who can levitate people...
>This was some kind of performance combining martial arts, drumming, 
>chanting, and, acrobatics and dance.  The drummer kept repeating a 
>short, rhythmic pattern, everybody else clapped to it. Pairs of 
>people came forward and "fought" each other.  But not really, they 
>were more like dance partners than opponents, and they never 
>actually touched. (Richard Man, are you around, and do you know what this 

Still around, just not writing much or reading much. Lots of photos 
to process, plus work stuff.

Do they stand on their hands a lot, if so, then it's Brazillian 
Capoeira, the guy in the middle looks like he's about to get of to 
his hands, so that probably is it. Very effective style plus great 
way to dance :-)

// richard (This email is for mailing lists. To reach me directly, 
please use richard at 

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