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Subject: [Leica] IMG: ZM lens can photograph the horizon
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Mar 27 11:31:45 2008

> As a quick guide to the differences shoot the same scene with the 24 Leica
> ASPH and the 25 Zeiss offering.  As great as the Zeiss is, you can see
> greater clarity of micro detail with the Leica lens as well as some greater
> flare resistance.  The same relationship occurs with the 4.5 to the 2.8 21.
> I actually bought the 18mm over the 21 as I needed the 24mm focal length
> more than the near 28 which the 21 would give me on the M8.  On the M8 the
> 18 is quite stellar although I haven't really rung it out yet.  What is
> working out as my standard walk around is the 15 Heliar, 18 Zeiss, TE, and
> the 50 ASPH; they fit in a small Domke and provide almost any image I can
> imagine.  Coupled with a Gitzo Traveller hanging off my belt and almost
> anything is possible in my usual haunts.
Thing is you can as I did spend your whole life printing 8x10s and 11x14s
and then find yourself with a box of 20x24 paper and a row of trays in front
of you filled with chemicals ready to go and a show to print and you get to
find out what your stuff looks like.

1. Was a 60th of a second fast enough with a 50mm lens; no.
2. Tri X is great but maybe you could have used plus X on the beach.
3. Those Tokina lenses sure are cheap maybe I'll throw mind in the ocean see
if it skips over the waves.
4. wide open is great! So is getting the persons face in focus. Maybe I'll
stop down one or two and make sure I nail my focus if I can.
5. maybe I should have not replenished my Acufine straight but used D76 1:1
or 1:2 or Rodinal even.
6. take off the cheap UV filter and smell the roses.


Mark William Rabiner

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