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Subject: [Leica] the problem with HDR is ....
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun Mar 23 14:56:26 2008

> I thought one was supposed to shoot something on the order of an 8
> stop range to make best use of HDR. I certainly can't argue, though,
> with what I've seen.
> A few years ago I shot a bracketed set of 8 images using my 1Ds Mk II
> while I was in Milwaukee -- that fabulous museum along the lake by the
> Spanish architect that opens up like it has wings.
> anyway, CS1 had a bad time with it because even though the camera was
> mounted on a tripod there were still small variations in position from
> vibrations. As I recall I even had mirror lock set up but just
> depressing the shutter button was enough to subtly change the camera's
> position. I am not willing to spring for the electronic shutter
> release. Perhaps I should.
> So I haven't been too interested in trying it again although the M8
> seems a good candidate for it.
> Thanks for sharing everyone, and Mark thanks for posting the links. I
> enjoyed the video a whole lot, and agree with you, because it's not so
> perfect it feels more real.
> Go figure.
> Adam

They're talking now that you can hand hold it as it has auto registration.
Before they said you needed a tripod with cable release or timed relase;
Or no ballgame. As I you used your finger you'd be off a pixel.

Mark William Rabiner

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