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Subject: [Leica] Re: Dave's PAW (*) 2008 #11
From: ausdlk at (David Keenan)
Date: Wed Mar 19 16:37:16 2008

>Like your Diana pics a lot. Also, of course the RD1's. Your style, it is.
>BTW, I remember your bitter disenchantment at the time of the M8
>presentation. Has your perception of that camera changed in any way?
>ed a

Ed --

Thanks for your support.

Ah, the poor, pathetic M8... I remain completely in the camp that
believes the M8 was a horrible, nearly failed, attempt at advancing
the M camera into the digital age.

Some of Leica's (vain?) attempts to "upgrade" the camera, particularly
the replacement of the shutter, I think vindicates some of my initial
criticism. It was, after all, the first click of the shutter when I viewed
camera at Photokina in 2006 that utterly destroyed my dream of a
digital M camera.

I regret to say that I do not see anything on the horizon that will
change my opinion -- lest Leica take an M7 and replace the film
mechanism with a digital sensor. No LCD, no other external
digital gizmos. That would be a "true" digital M. But I hear that
hell rarely freezes over...


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