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Subject: [Leica] Canon DSLR R lens use
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Tue Mar 18 19:00:59 2008
References: <> <BLU121-W4848EA4CF0E06EF6B62A35D4060@phx.gbl>

It sounds like the metering still thinks there is a Canon lens on it, which
has an aperture the camera can change on command.

Not true with the Leica lenses..... the aperture is manual and the camera
can not adjust it.

How to fix it?  Ask someone that has one..... 

Frank Filippone

Yep there are exposure problems.  I have 6 Leica lenses and all give the
correct exposure on my Canon XTi at full aperature, but when I stop the lens
down, they all tend to over-expose.  The more I stop down, the more
over-exposure I get.  I see this in both manual mode and with AE mode.  It
does not matter if the lens is 2, 2.8 or 4 wide open.  they all give the
correct exposure wide open.
I have tried them on my friends 20D with the same results.  David Young
reports the same thing with is Olympus E3 and I think with his Canon 40D
before that.  So, there is someting going on that needs to be compensated
for.  The problem is that it is not a simple -.3 setting or something
because the difference increases the more you stop down.  That is why I only
use my Leica lenses on my Canon for shots that I can take the time and view
and make changes when needed.
The focus confirmation part works out quite well.  And the 24mm makes some
quite nice photos on the Canon.

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