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Subject: [Leica] m8 features prominently in a new movie ...
From: kcassidy at (Kyle Cassidy)
Date: Sun Mar 16 15:07:22 2008

a few years back i became a fan of a quiet thai movie called "shutter" about 
a photographer who, in a very "omen" way, begins to capture photos of ghosts 
(that look a lot like light leaks) on film. it's relatively low budget and 
doesn't really bring anything new to the horror table, but it's a nice movie 
and has some legitimate thrills in it. i ordered the VCD from a hong-kong 
distributer after reading about it in some back issue of Asian Cult Cinema 
-- WELL, long story short, philfo just handed me a pair of tickets to ... 
tada -- AN AMERICAN REMAKE because we know it's impossible for americans to 
watch a movie with little words along the bottom -- the remake features what 
looks to be an M8 in nearly all of the promotional photos:

as someone who bought a leica in large part because of seeing one in a movie 
(High Art was the one that tipped the scales for me) all i can say to solms 
is: rock on! it's about time you got with the product placement.


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