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Subject: [Leica] National Archives of Canada image collection. :-) Whew!
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Mar 16 15:06:51 2008

Hi Crew,

The other day I posted an image number without any thought of what the
numbers implied in the sense of rolls exposed to obtain 280,000 saved

That is the number of my images in the National Archives of Canada
photographic collection. But it only represents about 10% of exposed film if
you consider any shoot it's only about 10% of the images are cream keepers.
That doesn't mean the others are bad, it just means they didn't make the
cream cut. Quite often dumped to get them out of the way. Or filed for a
second look later.

You might contemplate the number of rolls exposed to reach the number of
images in the collection. Like WOW!  Beyond me!

My Leica images in the file is the largest collection of photography by a
single photographer in the country! Even though they represent my
assignments over the years it's still basically 10% of exposed film. 

What does the above say about the number of exposed rolls to reach that
collection point? 

None of the above includes my medical documentary images which probably runs
in the tens of thousands. 

I'm glad I don't have to continue developing film to attain a similar number
of photos over the next bunch of years! ;-) 

Today it's Digital world all the way!:-) However, used as manual focus one
frame at a time like any other M cameras. 

And with a new medical student project to begin as soon as all this film
screening and personal appearance stuff is out of the way, I can hardly wait
to seriously getting back to the grind!" ;-)

Trust me this appearance stuff isn't the least bit glamorous! :-(  Quite
frankly it's damn intimidating with a sea of faces inches away from your own
after each screening. 



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