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Subject: [Leica] San Diego Air Races
From: datamaster at (Gary Todoroff)
Date: Fri Mar 14 16:26:33 2008
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>Neat stuff! And I bet as most photogs. covering an event like this, you
>thought the same thing. "Man if one of them prangs a building I hope it
>happens right in front of me!"

Ted - Actually, I was more likely thinking, "Man I hope it doesn't 
crash *on me*! When the first aircraft entered the race course, I 
lowered the camera and just watched in amazement at how men and 
machines seemed to be skirting disaster by a hairbreadth. It took me 
awhile just to track and anticipate with the long telephoto.

It's hard to imagine the kind of g-forces pilots were experiencing. 
After a tight turn to enter the pylons, they then suddenly rolled 180 
degrees so that they crossed through the pylons at the opposite bank 
of the turn that brought them there. I have flown some radio control 
airplanes like that, but was mightily impressed that pilots *inside* 
were tossing their craft around the skies like that.

Anybody who loves flying should try to attend a Red Bull air race 
---- before someone crashes into a historic building or into 
someone's living room and they get forced by the lawyers to abandon 
the whole wonderful spectacle.

Gary Todoroff

>Now before anyone goes ballistic about wanting some guy to die for the sake
>of a picture, relax!! And don't get stupid with dumb ass remarks!
>Obviously as a news photographer you have to always think ahead and be
>prepared, no matter the disaster! Simply because at events of this nature
>crash and burns happen whether you like it or not!
>So you prepare yourself for the potential unfortunate accident just in case
>something happens!
>Obviously you never want anything to happen! But in the event it does, I
>damn well want to be exactly where it does! Because it's my job to
>photograph it, not watch it happen and then go, "oh WOW, click as it's all
>The prepared shooters who think ahead are usually the ones who come home
>with the picture! But these days many picture moments during an action event
>are missed due to shooters with their head and eyes down chimping!
>Now that's an event I'd like to fly in. :-) That is, if I were 40 or more
>years younger with perfect vision and wing mounted cameras for some cool
>pictures! :-)
>Latest Lympa (Leica-Olympus) Log photos at:
>San Diego Air Races
>Gary Todoroff

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