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Subject: [Leica] Okay to buy used M8?
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Wed Mar 12 16:01:30 2008
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On Mar 12, 2008, at 3:10 PM, Craig Semetko wrote:
> 1 Is there a difference in quality based on the time it was made?
> That is, are there serial number batches to avoid or seek?

Some people believe so. I have no first hand knowledge about this.

> 2 Have the initial problems been corrected with firmware updates?

The current firmware solved a number issues - most appreciably the AWB.
Which is actually now significantly better than my 5D.

> Do you
> have to buy I filters for your lenses and have them coded?

I like the filters and coding on the wide angle lenses.
I've got the 28 cron coded and the 35 lux asph not coded.
The cron performs better in terms of cyan corner vignette since coding.
The 35 does okay without - unless one seeks critical corner control.
If expecting best possible color with least post processing - the  
filters achieve that.

> Are the fixes
> adequate in real world shooting?

Not sure what you mean by fixes. Real world shooting with the M8 is a  

> 3 What is the US warranty on the M8 and is it transferable to me?

It would seem that the fine print does not allow for transfer.
I bought a DMR used and made sure that the seller was willing to work  
with me if it needed service under warrantee. It did and the seller  
was there for me - if called upon. Didn't become an issue. YMMV

> 4 Is there a price point for used M8's, and if so, what is it?

They seem to sell for between $4K and $4.5K

Someone told me that they saw one sell for $3.8K a couple weeks ago.  
I couldn't verify it.

Fond regards,
Picture A Week -

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