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Subject: [Leica] Re: IMG Asarco
From: kingfisher at (Larry Bullis)
Date: Wed Mar 12 10:10:10 2008
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Having lived in Tacoma, WA, in the 1950's, I have seen a lot of Asarco. 
  We were kicked off their terribly polluted site in the early '70's 
after they had shut the copper smelter down.  A group of us on a field 
trip wanted to photograph their radioactive looking buildings.  It is 
easy to understand, I guess, how they might be concerned about their image.

There are still lingering problems, such as the arsenic in the soil on 
Vashon Island, a mile or so across the great water to the north.

It depended on the direction of the wind whether I would get the 
hydrogen sulfide from the kraft paper plant on the tide flats or the 
sulphur dioxide from the smelter as I walked to school.  The "Tacoma 
Aroma" is still frequently mentioned (nice rhyme, huh), but current 
residents have no concept of just how bad it was and how very good it is 
now in comparison.

They tore down the wonderful tall stack in the early 90's.  Too bad.  It 
could be seen from the water even from north of Seattle.  There was talk 
of having Hundertwasser cover it in gold leaf.  It is criminal that they 
didn't do it; it would have been one of the most incredible landmarks in 
the world.  I think the various agencies thought they had to destroy it 
for some symbolic reason.  Bummer.

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