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Subject: [Leica] Speaking of the M9...
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri Dec 14 21:15:25 2007

> I do agree Ted.
> They probably will not, just hoping. I really like film and over here it
> is not scarce at all. This afternoon I just bought 20 rolls of delta
> 3200 135, 20 rolls 120 of neopan 400 and a bottle of DDX for a low light
> project. This store still  has all the film you'll ever need and there
> are another two which have half the amount of film you'll ever need.
> But Leica is a strange company. Did we really need the MP? Or the a'la
> carte? I'm just hoping for the perfect camera and in my book that it is
> a film camera. Digital is very convenient and fast but for me it just
> hasn't the look I'm looking for and there are quit a few out there who
> agree with me. At least I hope there are enough to keep a modest film
> industry running.
> Best regards,
> Michiel Fokkema

The M7 and MP are such stupendous cameras; mouth watering. Perfect.
A shooter who needs a shutter on his/her camera like in a Konica or a Bessa
should just shoot with those if they cant tell the difference.  Leica is not
all worried about about these shutters. They're not out to match or better
them. Copy them or imitate them. The Leica shutter is why people buy Leica
cameras. Its an asset not a liability.
A Zeiss Icon is Leica with a faster shutter?
A Zeiss icon is s Bessa with Zeiss Germans breathing down their necks.
Putting it in the same paragraph with the Leica M7 and especially MP is
oblivious to a whole lot of reality..
I'd like to see an example of some of the photography rangefinder cameras
with tinny vertical shutters can do which outdoes the M's.
Other than some Phil flash stuff sure I suppose would be noticeable if
anyone's doing that anymore - other than that.
Making Niagara falls look like glass?


Mark William Rabiner

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