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Subject: [Leica] Consensus (? on LUG) on IR filters on M8
From: freakscene at (Marty Deveney)
Date: Thu Dec 13 16:58:09 2007

I'm with George - and I must stress that my M8 and I have an uneasy 
coexistence - for my own photographs I've gone back to film for monochrome, 
_except_ for IR, where being able to see results immediately, not having to 
work with cumbersome viewers and modified meters is a tremendous aid.  And 
carrying a couple of filters is SO much easier than carrying another camera 
specially modified for only IR work.  It also helps that I am used to 
working in IR on a tripod, so I can blend several exposures to get the 
highlight gradation I've come to expect from film.

For most of my own monochrome photography, where a tripod is not an option, 
I prefer film.  When I'm making images for work, a lot of it is in colour 
down a microscope where I can control the light - digital works better than 
E6 films did here.


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