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Subject: [Leica] A new toy <Kinda OT>
From: jmaddox01 at (Jack Maddox)
Date: Tue Nov 27 19:22:14 2007
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I couldn't agree with you more. I like all of my Leica and Hasselblad 
gear but you would have to pry my F4 out of my dead.  hands. It is 
simply the finest camera I have ever owned.

Harrison McClary wrote:
> This past weekend I decided to order a new toy.  It was a Nikon F3hp
> with the MD4 motor drive.  Back in my news days the F3 was the ultimate
> camera, rugged, light and so sweet (I had 2 F3T's with motors).  I have
> often looked at KEH and their used Nikon listings thinking about getting
> another one...well I saw one in EX condition for $235 and an MD4 for
> $19!!  I could not believe this as back then I paid at least 300 for the
> MD4 alone.
> I gotta say I do not think there has ever been any SLR that fits the
> hand as well as the F3 with MD4 does, nor has there ever been one that
> is so nice looking.  I can't wait to load this puppy up and go shoot
> some.  It will fit perfectly into my film kit which is mostly
> Leica' this F3 for my 105 and 180mm lenses for some reach, the
> Leicas for in close.
> If you are not one of those who has to have the latest and greatest
> digital do everything camera these are great times to get pro level
> equipment at less than point and shoot prices.  The old Nikon AiS lenses
> are not that expensive, and will still work on the top line Nikon
> digital bodies and with the $75 converter will work on a Canon body.  If
> you want really cheap look into the old Canon FD stuff, it is rock
> bottom now....but the FD stuff only mounts to the old FD system.

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