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Subject: [Leica] (sans objet)
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Wed Nov 14 16:38:10 2007
References: <000a01c826a9$815307d0$f8b1285a@louord1><004401c826b0$8f61ccb0$6401a8c0@as us930> <002501c826c7$786ebdd0$ca1f285a@louord1> <000001c826ca$a716aeb0$6401a8c0@asus930> <p06230902c360de7143a6@[]> <> <p06230904c3611ade6d56@[]> <>

>Claude is having a problem matching up the 135 Elmar, not the 
>Tele-Elmar. These lenses have totally different formulas. I have no 
>way of comparing the screw threads as I don't have the older Elmar.
>On Nov 14, 2007, at 4:38 PM, Henning Wulff wrote:
>>>  Hi Henning,
>>>  Don't mix up the Elmar and the tele-elmar.
>>>  To mount the tele-elmar you have to pull of the lowest light 
>>>baffle. the large thread to the front is only used to mount the 
>>>lens head in the normal schnecke.
>>>  The later tele-elmar had a different mount which i don't think 
>>>can unscrew the head.
>>>  Best regards,
>>>  Michiel Fokkema
>>>  Henning Wulff wrote:
>>>>>   Claude, I must have sent too much information. You may like to 
>>>>>re-read my reply. You need the OTZFO universal focusing adaptor, 
>>>>>   number is 16464 or 16465, The other adaptors screw into that 
>>>>>one. It does fit. I have it in front of me. I assembled it for 
>>>>>you to
>>>>>   double check.
>>>>>   Camera body>Visoflex II or III>OTZFO>16471>16472> lens head. 
>>>>>This is the Leitz Wetzlar f4 135, made between 1960 and 1965. It 
>>>>>has a
>>>>>   chrome body. There was a version sold as head only. I haven't 
>>>>>seen that. It was replace by the Tele-Elmar
>>  No, both these lenses are Tele-Elmars. Clearly the identical 
>>optical construction; just when you unscrew the head of the one it 
>>has non-standard attachment threads and location of threads. I'll 
>>get the details tomorrow after I look at it again.


I know. In an earlier post, which I unfortunately left out, I 
mentioned that Leica's mounting and threading wasn't absolutely 
consistent, and that I had two Tele-Elmars with incompatible and 
totally different threads and mounts. The earlier one does not fit 
directly into a 16464 as it should, and has larger diameter threads 
closer to the front (not the coarse ones that connect it to the 
standard focussing mount.

I realize the question is about the Elmar, but Louis was saying that 
what Hoppy had described didn't work for him. I was just illustrating 
that the adapter system didn't always work like the textbook says. 
I've had other instances of this happening. I have a very large 
collection of adapters, and if there's one thing I collect, it's 
adapters :-). Can't ever have too many, and in the end, I'm still 
looking for some (large thread Photar to LTM, for instance).

    *            Henning J. Wulff
   /|\      Wulff Photography & Design
  |[ ]|

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