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Subject: [Leica] Leica M8 in the theater
From: tlianza at (tom lianza)
Date: Thu Oct 25 00:44:31 2007

Hi to all,

I run a small theater group in New Hampshire and I handle the lighting 
and sound.  I usually take photos during the show and I thought I would 
share my recent experience and images with the group.

I typically use a Nikon D2x up in the balcony with a long lens.  This 
has worked well in the past and it worked well in this show, but there 
were some moments that I thought that needed some more intimacy.  I had 
the M8 with a 50mm Voigtlander F/1.5 .  I moved down to stage level and 
started taking some images in color.  Of course, I didn't bring any IR 
supression filters with me.  As I looked at the colors I realized that 
this was going to be a very interesting editing session later that 
night.  I found working with the M8 somewhat difficult. The first thing 
they need to do is to put a physical control for exposure adjustment on 
the next version.  It really slowed me down to go into the menu.  In the 
end, I just underexposed by 1.5 stops and figured I would work it out in 
light room.   The reason for underexposure is that the stage is 
generally dark with the characters often lit in isolation.  The frame 
lines on the M8 seem to be a mere suggestion of what you will see in the 
final image, so it's important to stand off a bit and crop, this exactly 
what you don't do with an SLR/zoom.  The noise level of the M8 was not 
obtrusive which was a "must" in this situation.  Focus was easy and this 
is where the RF really shines. Auto focus is not a good idea in stage 
situations.   The tungsten lighting plus the artificial dyes used in the 
costumes lead to the expected disaster in color rendering.  I decided 
that the images would be far better in Black and White.  I printed these 
images on an HP 130 printer on Glossy photopaper at width of about 22 
inches.  People just loved them... and they did look great at that 
size.  Working with the M8 in the theater is no picnic, but the results 
can be quite good.  I'll use it again in this situation.  I hope you 
enjoy the images...

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