Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2007/06/02

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Subject: [Leica] Ground control to Major Tom
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat Jun 2 10:42:25 2007

Take your protein pills and call me in the morning I'm back after a months
hiatus in the Bizarro Zone.
I must have been a bad bad boy in this or some other life. My server felt
like it had served me enough and got up and went not even waiting for a tip.
I think he said "You've been served,
now leave me alone".
I had to go from Bronze to 1000 I don't know what.
I had to propagate.
Who knows what other humiliations? I'll block it soon.
And I have one more short hurdle to go through but just in time for June I'm
glad I'm back.
No longer list less.
Checked into the LUG archives from time to time.
Ted has an M8.
Other nice stuff has happened.

My cell phone even gave out on me at one point for two days I was
inconsolably out of touch with the outside world. Stuck on this little
island. Almost put a message in a bottle. A Portlander in New York.
So now I have a nicer smaller cell phone with a cool ear bud with a clicker.

Does reading the LUG on a blackberry a berry good thing to do?
Might not work out so well. Rather dry. Overly linier.
Then when you get home does your computer know what emails you've read on
your blackberry? I'd think not. You might flame the same troller twice.
Department of redundancy department. DRD

Much to report I've been getting some great shots.

Road trip in July. West to east again. I bring back more stuff. I think in a
minivan. And I'll drive the top half of of the coastal route.
The Pacific. The left ocean. I drive it because it's there.
Must have lots of stuff. Must have my Noctilux; so I can take clear out of
focus pictures.

I'm for sure going to the June 16 Colloquium on Photography (NYLUG '07) at
the School of the International Center of Photography, (6A/42-3s)
(and with a name like that it better be good)
To see Brian and Kyle and all the Gang.

I cajole one and all to take the plane boat or train to this greatest city
in the world for this most excellent event.

Somebody's going to go through hogshead of real fire. It won't be me.
Check it out soon on your ipod. If you can make it through "Wings".

Mark Rabiner
New York, NY