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Subject: [Leica] WAS IMG AstonMartin, IS Lucas electrics
From: ISILVERMN at (
Date: Fri Apr 6 21:41:35 2007

Back in the early 70's, Dick O'Kane, who used to write for Road &  Track, 
wrote a small book called How to Repair Your Foreign Car.  A  Guide for the 
Beginner, Your Wife, and the Mechanically Inept.
One of the chapters was appropriately titled "Why, When Britannia Rules the  
Waves, Will Her Cars Not Go Through a Puddle."
Or, as a former associate of mine who was maintaining (I think that was the  
proper term) an Austin-Healey 3000 used to mumble, "The British don't make 
cars,  they make hobbies!"
Fondly recalling those days (I would have loved that Healey,  regardless),
Best regards,

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