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Subject: [Leica] a sleazy lens purchase?
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue Feb 6 19:48:45 2007

On 2/6/07 10:10 PM, "Jayanand Govindaraj" <> typed:

> Eric,
> Do it and imagine its a discount on the M8, because that is what Leica is 
> in
> effect doing, giving a discount for the teething troubles...
> Cheers
> Jayanand

Taking money off something is a discount.
If they refunded part of your money on the camera that would be in effect a
Giving you something else for a discounted rate so its in effect close to
"at cost" probably is kind of gifting something to you.
They're saying "here's a lens to go with it" To make your Leica digital
shooting experience better the best way we know how to do it despite some
pitfalls with the camera itself!"
And when something someone gives to you as a present becomes a commodity for
your own convenience that's just what I was always thought was just kind of
rotten. I have no clue how culturally specific that is but my gut says its
rotten no matter which hemisphere you look at it. With. In.

But the yuppies have a name for it now as so many of them get so many
wedding gifts which do not fit into their yuppie specific life plans. Do
they call it "re-gifting". I'm sure its in the new dictionary.
But whatever they call it its a way to make doing something rotten feel
better to them. Not quite the espresso machine they wanted? Give it to the
next bride and groom maybe they wont know the difference!
I'd never take a gift I'd gotten from someone as a gift and then give it to
someone else.
But then that just me isn't it?

On the island of Kilarny-Kilimanjaro to give someone something which someone
gives you as a present is the ultimate sacrifice of niceness. Then they have
to be your bodyguard for life!

But then you're not allowed to leave the island!

And its always summer.

Mark Rabiner
New York, NY

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