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Subject: Dealing with the Photo Blahs [was Re: [Leica] Catching Up]
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Sep 11 15:30:10 2006
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The blahs hit everyone no matter who they are, or think they are.

Most of us have a normal daily routine of getting up, a coffee, computer 
screen, shower, breakfast and that's extremely close to every morning same 
time same place!

Then going out the door about the same time every day but Sunday. So quite 
often we see the same things day after day at approximately the same time, 
same light, therefore we never see anything in our surroundings new. The 
Blahs become our condition and worsen to the point where we become 
emotionally blind!

So we need something economical to get us over this mental blindness.

Instead of getting up at exactly the same time..... change it by an hour or 
two earlier, yeah I can hear the griping already.;-) ... but it's free. Get 
up grab the clothes and camera out the door, Pre-dawn. Then you're out there 
as the new light of day begins and trust me it's a beautiful heart warming 
visual light!

Guess what?  You'll find a whole new world of photo opportunities and it 
hasn't cost you a penny! Even if you do a walk about in your neighbourhood 
it will be brand new due to the dawn light motivating you because you've 
never seen it at that time of day before.

I've done this routine any number of times on paid shoots in strange cities 
and hometown locations, it shows you an unseen view of your world with the 
"Dawns' early light!" ;-)

And if you're lucky and there's a slight drizzle some mornings that's a 
bonus because the shiny streets make use of the light twice due to 

Another bonus? It's free! :-) So alright already, stop the whining blah 
stuff and get out there tomorrow morning at 6 a.m, what are waiting for? ;-)

Ted Grant Photography Limited
1817 Feltham Road
Victoria BC  V8N 2A4

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