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Subject: [Leica] Steamtown additions now 4x5
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Fri Sep 8 07:34:49 2006


Below is a link to some on-line images that were taken on 4x5 (Speed
Graphic). I first saw some photos from this essay in a NG Mag several
weeks back. They were visually and technically unique. Almost looked
like someone got creative with Gaussian blur in PS. Given it was NG, I
doubted that but you never know. Heck, for years NG was 35mm only. I
didn't find out it was 4x5 until I went to the link below.

I have a Toyo 45A field camera. I wish I had something with a
rangefinder, like a Graphic or a Linhof. I passed on a nice used Linhof,
complete with a set of cammed lenses, a year or so ago. At the time I
was mistakenly under the impression that film was a dead end. Boy do I
regret not buying that. 

There really are things you can do with film that you can't duplicate
with digital capture.


>>>Craig wrote:>

I started searching for a 4 x 5 camera last night.  I'm 
tempted to buy an old press camera...<<<

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