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Subject: [Leica] Hand Baggage - On Question left...
From: telyt at (David Young)
Date: Fri Aug 11 11:57:27 2006
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I asked,

>>  Does anyone here have a sure fire process to eliminate all 
>> nitrate residue from  an all plastic case?

and John Collier offered:

>I wouldn't even bother to try unless you like to be interviewed under
>bright lights dressed only in your underwear.

Hi John!

I've got the nitrate/underwear problem solved!

I've just remembered we own a genuine Pelican 1500 case ( ) which is brand new; with 
fresh "Pick 'n Pluck" foam!

A chap gave us the unused case when we bought his used Suzuki Quad 
[ATV], over a year ago. He said he thought it was for carrying the beer!

Because it is too small for my regular kit, it has been, until 
now,  tucked away in the garage.  At first glance, it seemed too 
small, but with careful "playing", it should hold the R8 w/DMR, 
80~200/4 Vario, 21/4 SA and a 50 Summi with 2x converter tucked on 
the end.   Add a charger, a couple of batteries and an Epson P-2000, 
for storage, and I'll likely have all that I need, for travel!

Easier to carry, 1.8 kilos or 4 lbs lighter,  and no nitrate residue fears!

Case problem solved!

Still not sure what to do about locking the case.  With my regular 
luggage, I've simply used plastic wire ties to secure the 
zippers.  This way, if the US-TSA wants to open the bags, they can, 
by simply cutting them, but the bags are otherwise secure from 
accidental openings and tampering.  Like Tina, I put extras inside, 
but still... I'm unsure if that is secure enough for the value of 
goods involved.

So I'm still wondering about the situation with locks on airline 
travel outside the US.  Anybody?


David Young,
Logan Lake, CANADA

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