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Subject: [Leica] Some China photos
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Thu Aug 3 11:42:05 2006
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>Gorgeous collection. Wonderful color and skin tones. Please share 
>your technical details - cameras, films, chips, work flow, scanning, 
>what ever.
>George Lottermoser
>On Aug 3, 2006, at 12:45 PM, Henning Wulff wrote:
>>Finall I got around to getting some photos together from my China trip.
>>More photos to come.

Thanks, George.

Cameras were a Canon 5D and 350D; I think only one photo was with the 
350D (0137).

Mostly I used the 24-105IS; telephoto was 70-300DO and some other 
shots such as  3145, 3162 and 3550 were with the 12-24.

Processing was all in PS-CS2. I use Photokit Sharpener at import and 
at the end. In between, some light cropping, one (4245) had some 
burning, a couple had some light curve treatment, one (5141) had some 
severe curve and contrast treatment as the exposure range was 
horrendous. The non-people ones had some Unsharp masking for local 
contrast enhancement (15%, 100 radius or something similar) while 
most of the people pictures didn't.

The two pictures of weird buildings on the Yangtze had severe 
contrast treatment, with saturation reduction as the haze was extreme 
and the originals were dead flat. Saturation levels now are about 
accurate, but due to the severe contrast enhancement still look 
oversaturated. I'll probably go back and reduce it a bit.

All the pictures were output from Photoshop at 1200pixels high as I'm 
trying to get a presentation together for a 24" screen, and then the 
pictures were brought into iView which was used to do the web 
display, including final reduction.

Thems's the details. Pretty much all of them, except for what I was 
wearing while doing it. :-)

    *            Henning J. Wulff
   /|\      Wulff Photography & Design
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