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Subject: [Leica] OT auto focus tip
From: telyt at (Douglas Herr)
Date: Mon Jul 24 06:07:33 2006
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On Jul 24, 2006, at 5:49 AM, Roy Feldman wrote:

> With auto focus the center square is usuallly the most sensitive as the
> focus points are measured in two directions.
> With all nikon cameras and I believe most canons (the used to both 
> have the
> same menu function # for this) it is possible to disable the shutter
> auto-focus activation and just enable it with a button on the back
> only.Alot of press shooters use this because...;.I use center spot,
> hit back
> focuses, recompose....shoot, the focus will remain at the 
> spot
> where you did the first center spot reading.
> This way of shooting takes a bit of practice but I shoot sports for a 
> major
> newspaper and all the photogs here do it this way.
> Like I said you have to try it out but once you get used to it you 
> won't use
> any thing else, nothing worse than focusing, then composing and having 
> the
> AF start focusing on the background, this way it is locked where you 
> put it
> without having to hold in a locus lock button, it is focus locked by 
> default

this still doesn't work with an active subject where DOF is measured in 
mm - which I encounter often.  I need to focus AS COMPOSED: 
focus-recompose-click DOESN'T WORK FOR ME regardless of the technology 
used or the buttons assigned to each function.  Until the AF sensor can 
be positioned at ANY AND ALL parts of the viewscreen as quickly as I 
move my center of vision it's USELESS FOR ME - and AF-centric 
viewfinders SUCK for this purpose.  No I'm not press and no I'm not 
shooting events and I can see how AF can be vital where composition is 
secondary to getting the picture.  For me, composition IS the picture.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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