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Subject: [Leica] was: did I miss a fight?
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Fri Jun 30 14:24:38 2006
References: <>

And I thought the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indy is up 
against a scimitar wielding Arab, was pure fiction.

Jeffery Smith wrote:

>This week, in New Orleans, two young men (an army veteran and a marine 
>veteran) got into a heated discussion at work (security guards) over who 
>was tougher, army or marine. A heated verbal discussion followed by flying 
>fists. The marine soon settled the argument once and for all. He pulled out 
>his S&W .40 and shot the army veteran in the head.
>I guess it is best that the LUG stay on-line for these kinds of reasons.
>---- Marc James Small <> wrote: 
>>There is a scene in one of the early Raymond Chandler Philip Marlow PI
>>novels where Marlow is in the hands of two police detectives, one of whom
>>wants to treat him fairly and the other of whom wishes to do him dirt with
>>trumped up evidence.  The two detectives end up getting into a fist-fight
>>and Marlow sarcastically suggests that this is must be a new and novel way
>>of softening up a suspect by hving the cops beat each other into a pulp.
>>I am rather astonished to find the disconnect on the LUG over the past day
>>or so.  I am especially astonished to note that the folks who have
>>generally treated my comments with derision and mocking disdain are now
>>attacking each other or, in one case, leaving the LUG entirely.
>>Are you guys attempting to soften me up?  It won't work, but I do
>>appreciate the hard effort you've put into the effort.  <he grins>  You
>>guys can't grind me down with such a patently obvious scheme!
>>Calm down, guys, and let's get back to business.  And, BD, get back on the
>>List where you belong.  It really isn't the same without your presence.

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