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Subject: [Leica] 24x36mm sensor for the RFDM
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Thu Jun 15 09:32:58 2006
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At 5:52 AM -0400 6/15/06, wrote:
>Hi Frank,
>I assume the problems Canon solved in the reflex design were akin to those 
>in a Leica RFDM. It's just a question of when the 35mm RF sensor will be
>adapted  and will arrive at Solms and how much Canon will charge for them.

No. no. no. Canon's effort have nothing to do with the main problem 
Leica faces in making a 24x36 sensor Digital M.

It's not the same, as has been discussed and expounded again and 
again. Neither Canon nor anyone else has shown that they know how to 
do it, mainly because they generally haven't had to for DSLRs, and 
the RD1 has shown that those problems are real.

I imagine that someone will solve these issues at some time, if the 
demand for camera that uses 'old design' non-retrofocus wideangle 
lenses is large enough.

It hasn't been solved yet, so don't expect a full frame sensor on an 
M-mount camera anytime soon.

The EOS 5D is a good camera which I use quite a bit, but it's no 
Digital M. Not worse, just different.

>I hope
>Leica  will retain the mechanical front end of the M. So we're off to the 
>event in  digital.

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