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Subject: [Leica] Ugh, MP shutter curtain stuck...
From: richard-lists at (Richard)
Date: Mon Jun 12 02:13:28 2006
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It's fixed!!! Probably not a recommended procedure, but I push on the edge 
of the curtain thing a bit. I know you are not suppose to touch the soft 
cloth, so I didn't, but I just nudged the plaster looking edge and .... it 

I am either a really lucky guy or a really unlucky person. Haven't figured 
out which yet...

At 10:40 PM 6/11/2006, Richard wrote:

>I hope this doesn't mean I have to send the camera in for repair, but the 
>MP (200x model)'s shutter seems to be stuck. e.g. can't press down on the 
>shutter. The wind level does not open, and since the shutter doesn't have 
>the metering white circular patch, it must be the 2nd curtain? meaning it 
>is stuck?
>Any hints on how to get it reset? Thanks

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