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Subject: [Leica] Digital M Principle
From: Afterswift at (
Date: Sat Jun 3 07:29:18 2006

In a message dated 6/3/06 5:56:42 AM, writes:

> >The Leica M digital will have a modified M-mount
> >with a bar code which tells the camera the focal length.
> >The correct frameline will then be electronically changed.
> >While Leica will sell kits at about $125 each to update Leica
> >M lenses to the M digital it remains to be seen if those kits can
> >be used on non Leica made lenses.
> ------------------------------------------
To sever film from digital in the digital M body breaks the logic of using 
the Leica system because it destroys the crossover Leica users expect. The 
framing should remain mechanical for reliability and the conservation of 
power, in 
addition to the universal compatibility of Leica lenses. 

For that matter, producing a digital M using anything but a true 24x36mm 
revolutionary sensor would be a huge mistake. Why would I switch from the 
D70 to a digital M in that case? Leica Solms should be warned against 
a pseudo, premature digital M. We won't bite, methinks. Maybe collectors 
buy that animal. But collectors won't make Leica successful. Only a has-been.

Bob R

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