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Subject: [Leica] Leica modifying M-mount for digital M?
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Sat Jun 3 05:35:49 2006

There are 2 different stories here... the change of the mount and the cost 
to change existing lenses.

You must think that Leica, for $125, does almost nothing.  So whatever is 
required to "chip" the M mount is negligibly small.  For
those of you that are thinking .. who would want to pay $125 to change over 
each of his lenses .... The same guy that just spent $5K
to buy the camera body.  $125 a lens is chicken feed, to that guy.

I Agree with Don on the mapping concept, and telling the camera which lens 
is on the camera is the new piece of data the camera
needs to accomplish that bit of digital imagery.  What is on the "chip"?  
"Serial number" of the lens?  FL of the lens?  Either can
be used to accomplish the goal.  It depends on whether the camera can do the 
mapping or if mapping is done at the factory.  A neat
side issue on the mapping concept is that you might be able to map Bokeh, or 
even different Bokeh to the same piece of glass....
Can you imagine putting 1932 50 Elmar Bokeh onto a 90 APO Summicron?

And now, it is time to wait for the trolls of Solms and the programmers 
located somewhere else in the world ( maybe) to do their
thing and impress us.

PS: It just occurred to me that an RFID tag could be the "chip".

Frank Filippone 

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